Day 2: Boise to Grand Junction

Distance Traveled Today: 630 mi
Total Distance Traveled: 1,060 mi out of 2,050 mi (52%)

We left Boise on Thursday morning and headed east on I-84. East of Boise, it looks very similar to what you see in eastern Oregon: massive mesas and hills, and jagged canyons cut through the landscape.

We drove into Utah on I-84, joining up with I-15 just north of Brigham City. This stretch was incredibly flat—a good preview of what we’ll encounter in the Plains States. As we continued south on I-84/I-15, into Salt Lake City and then past it, the mountains stood guard on the east side of the city, reminding us that they would have to be crossed. But when we reached the turnoff for US 6, which we planned to take to I-70, we found that the highway wound around the mountains.

The views from US 6 are quite remarkable, such that I wouldn’t mind living off this highway. You’re driving down the highway and these mountains are rising up around you on either side, so while you don’t have these grand vistas to gaze upon, it’s still very beautiful. When I saw a sign advertising 2,500 acres for sale, I said to Jon, “We could start a town down here.” At another point I saw an entrance for Mill Fork Cemetery, but I could only see desert scrub instead of gravestones.

There was small amounts of snow on the side of the highway, but none on the road. We’ve been very fortunate with weather so far, with a small amount of rain on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Night fell before we reached Price, which was disappointing as the stretch from Price until the junction with I-70, and then eastward on I-70, is a scenic route. But the only scenery we could see was the road illuminated by our headlights.

Once we joined I-70, we headed eastward, stopping for the night in Grand Junction, Colorado. This stretch of interstate was flat and straight, which was nice as it was dark and we didn’t want to try to climb the Rockies in the dark.

My hope is that on Friday we can make it to Salina, Kansas, about 620 miles of driving east from Grand Junction. Obviously, this will depend on what I-70 is like heading over the Rocky Mountains into Denver.